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Another year and my invisibility cloak holds up nicely. Still lurking LJ, if maybe not as much as I once did. Figured I ought to make my yearly post just to keep the internet daemons happy. All things considered, I'd rather be in England. Lol. Life rolls on and you never know what the Tide will bring. Keep being cool, LJ buddies.
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I just felt like posting, I guess. I'm at Oxford now, just back from a day trip. Everything here has been fantastic - loads of fun like I never thought I'd get to experience. But it's stressful, too. Keeping up with classes is one thing. Resources here are limited like they wouldn't be on a home campus. I get along with the other students alright, but I can tell I'm out of sync with them. Different priorities, I guess, and different ways of having fun. I can't help but try to keep order of everything, managing trains as we travel and reminding people constantly. They get annoyed, but I'm determined not to be riding out of the station and see one of our people running after us on the platform. Maybe at this point it should be "Fuck it, let them find their own way back." /endrant

Life's good. I'm still lurking the LJ, just like the rest of the internet I s'pose.

Cheers, Tally Ho, and all that.
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So, I got all excited about posting on LJ and then I realized: I don't actually have anything to say. So, my journal is actually gonna keep being a pretty barren place. D:

I'm just better at lurking, I suppose.

Anyway, I'm here, I'm not dead (I think), and I'm totally reading craploads of stuff. I'm just that kid at the back of the class who reads the assignment and then daydreams. XD

But, no worries: I'll still try to remember to comment to keep the ficwriters alive. :D



First Post!

Well, this is the first post in my new journal. As soon as I can figure out how to, I'll friend lock it. I'm rather dumb when it comes to actually using LJ.

I suppose I'll have to learn HTML all over again...

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